Solaris – OEM12C – Algorithm negotiation fail

Error message while installing Agent OEM 12c : Error Message: PROV-16011: Algorithm negotiation fail INFO:Updating Action SSHValidationswith Status FAILED and error Message :Connection to the SSH daemon (sshd) on the target host failed with the following error : Algorithm negotiation fail and problem SSH connection check failed and recommendation Ensure that SSH daemon (sshd) […]

Solaris – metaset create / delete


Create metaset

#metaset -s sharefile-dg -a -h server-name #metainit -s sharefile-dg d200 1 1 c1t2d0s6

Delete metaset

#metaset -s sharefile-dg -d -a #metaset -s sharefile-dg -C purge

Remove from 2 cluster nodes Remove mediator and host from this metaset metaset -s sharefile-dg -d -m node1 node2 metaset -s sharefile-dg -d -f -h node1 metaset […]

Solaris 11 – capping mémoire

#rcapadm -z <zone Soalris> -m 64G

#rcapstat -z 2 2

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